3 Things To Look For In Online Dating Profiles

dating profilesThe best things about online dating profiles

There’s nothing like dating an older women. There is such an amazing amount of confidence and experience in an older woman’s physical and emotional life that you just won’t believe how much better it is than a younger lady. Cougars, as we men like to call them, are all over the online dating sites. The problem is, if you are into dating older women, how to tell if they are attractive based on their online dating profiles. If you are looking for a casual partner who just might be a cougar, then start assessing your options when it comes to online dating sites . There are numerous options at your disposal.

The obvious reason for concern here is that a lot of online dating profiles are profile scams. That means that the information is usually not coherent, and the person does not actually exist. If you are interested in cougars then you gotta be careful about these scam profiles because often they appear in the form of older women. Profile scams often appear as older women because dating older women is so common. If you are one of those men then take close watch of the 3 tips I am going to mention here that will help you avoid profile scams.

Tip # 1: Always Look At The Image

The image tells you everything. I once was victim of a profile scam because I did not pay close attention to all the images posted on her online dating profile. I was really attracted to the first image, but never bothered to check the second and third profile images too. She and I got talking, and it seemed like we were going to hook up. But they way that she was writing was kind of strange, and she kept saying she was stuck in Poland and needed a flight to the UK where I live. That’s the first sign of a profile scam – a person using a fake image and info to try and convince people to send them money.

So, the first tip I can give you is to look closely through all the images they have posted online. Then take one of them and do a google search on it to see if it is actually the person they claim to be. It’s a shame that you have to do this when you are dating older women because most of them are so honest. But one bad apple is all it takes to turn you right off. The other thing is: don’t go with someone if they never update their profile picture.

Tip #2: Look Over Her Hobbies and Interests

Usually nerdy women will put a lot of hobbies and interests on their online dating profile description. If you want a cougar, then you will not care about hobbies and activities. You will care about looks. So make sure to avoid women that put too much of their social life on their online dating profile. After all, no one is on there to make best friends for life. If it happens by fluke then that’s amazing. But it is dating older women that I want, and I will look over as many online dating profiles as it takes to find the right kind of woman for me. When it comes to profile scams, you can expect very few hobbies and interests to be listed. The most you can expect is a fake education history and a couple of phony jobs too.

I’ve tried reaching out to the ladies that write a lot about themselves on the online dating profile. In the first place I would say avoid the online dating sites with a lot of opportunity to write about yourself and take tests to match you up. Go for the image based online dating sites instead, and let the words come after you are attracted to someone.

Tip #3: Dating Older Women

Dating older women means taking their online dating profiles with a grain of salt. They might not look like the hottest stuff online, but once you meet up in person you will know. From my experience, it always takes my by surprise how much more sexy older women are in person than in online dating sites. Let that guide you towards women that you want to take a chance on, and let yourself be pleasantly surprised. The cougars online know how to treat you, that’s for sure. So don’t judge them off the top because they don’t look super sexy. Get chatting and see where it can go.

These are tips to help you decide whether or not an online dating profile is a good fit for you, and whether or not it’s a scam profile. In any case, online dating profiles have come a long way since the late nighties, making the whole process of analyzing data profiles that much easier.