4 Of The Best Entertainment Apps For Android

It is not a surprising fact that some of the fastest selling apps in the Android market happen to be all about keep users entertained. After all, having something to fill the downtime is a great idea. And for the best experience, here is a list of the best entertainment apps for Android.

Best Apps for Android
Amazon Kindle: Having the Kindle app on your Android presents plenty of good features, that will have you loving the phone like never before. If you have a Kindle, then the book you’re reading on it can be synced with the phone app so that you can swap reading on both the devices whenever you wish. Even if you don’t own a Kindle, the app gives access to the Amazon store where you can pick up new titles to read, making it a must have from the best entertainment apps for Android.
Spotify: Live music streaming has garnered plenty of fans in the last year and riding on that success is the Spotify app. Considered to be the best for playing music, it gives access to a huge library of music albums, songs and titles that are available through live streaming. While the app is heavily dependent on 3G and Wi-Fi, there is a choice of putting your choice of songs into an offline cache, which can be played when there is no reception to be had.
TuneIn Radio: Listening to the public radio is a time tested way of entertainment for many people. In this digital age however, the possibilites of the radio have grown to the point that an internet enabled Android can become host to thousands of global radio channels and stations. Browsing through the app to find the right sound can be pretty interesting but it can ring up the 3G charges if you’re not on a good plan. Even so, it makes for one of the best entertainment apps for Android.
Listen: Fans of podcasts and audio shows can now depend on Listen to be able to listen to their favorite shows. This app cuts down the need to go looking online every time a new episode is out or work with RSS readers. The app handles the organization and search for all your podcasts at a single go and keeps them accessible. You can look for new episodes, subscribe to channels and download as and when you want! With an added ability to put everything on queue, making this one of the best entertainment apps for Android.