The Nympho Survival Guide: What To Do If She’s Into Bondage

bondage tipsBondage can be a lot of fun

A lot of women like to get naughty in bed and practice bondage or some kind of wild sex. Sure I bet you have heard about bondage before. It’s the kind of sex that involves voluntary tying and restraining a partner for sexual pleasure. It’s a form of wild sex that you can use to really please a woman. I bet you’ve heard of it, but not a lot of men get into bondage without a trusted partner, but if you happen across a bondage fan in the online dating world then you should definitely roll with it! You know why? It’s going to be the best sex you have ever had. Getting naughty in bed never felt so good.

But say you never have tried bondate and a woman you met from online dating is super into it? You gotta roll with it, and I’ll give you a couple pointers to make it a little easier for you, a little less painful and embarrassing. We all think we would love bondage, but I can tell you from personal experience it usually get’s more complicated and intense than it seems. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s important to remember that it is a game to help expand wild sex moves and experience different ways to please a woman and be get pleasure from a woman. It’s definitely true that bondage usually comes in the form of a fetish, so it probably won’t be obvious that a woman is into it. The odd person will advertise it in online dating, but chances are you will just be surprised by it when someone says they love bondage.

Please A Woman

So you want to please a woman by using some bondage moves? Or you just want to survive the sex and get away unhurt? Well first of all relax, it’s not going to be that tough. There are a few things you can do off the top that she will dig. Always remember that there are tons of women who like wild sex in the online dating world. A lot of them will state this in their description, so just make sure you notice that.

The first thing you can do is hold her hands by the wrists while you make out. If she’s into bondage then she will want you to be able to dominate her. Grab her wrists and hold them firmly by her side or her stomach as you make it. Then you can take this squeezing move to other parts of her body, especially the neck. Or take both her wrists in one hand and use your other hand to finger her or move around her body wherever you feel. She will like that.

The neck is perhaps the most fragile part of our exposed bodies, so don’t miss out on it. Squeeze her neck and make it hard for her to breathe momentarily. That will be a big rush of blood to her head that will really turn her on. Since you are beginner to the bondage thing, it’s probably best to buy some cuffs and tie her up for real. Or you can get tied up! She will probably like to dominate you throughout the sex, so be prepared for that.

Another great first bondage move is to blindfold her. That gives you all the power to arouse her however you want! That’s not so bad, is it? Aside from blindfolding, I recommend always grabbing her hair and being a little physical with her. She will expect that.

Get Naughty In Bed

Once you move to the bed the real bondage fun can begin. The basics of bondage are that there is a top and a bottom role, and that these roles alternate each time you have bondage sex. The second major thing is that there should always be a Plan B if a move goes wrong, and a safe word if things move too quickly.

In your case, with a woman who you probably met from online dating, it’s best to let her make the first makes. She will probably want to tie you up and pretend to dominate you. This is the foundation of bondage: one powerful person doing what they want to the submissive person. The great thing about bondage is that you take turns, and since she is a fan she will have some moves already in mind. You can expect to be bound around your legs so that they are stuck together. You can also expect to have your hands tied behind your back, and perhaps a blindfold around your eyes for a little while.

There are so many different bondage moves that the best thing to do is let her take charge of the entire experience the first time. Bondage is best when it moves slowly and both people are having fun. You might expect to have wild sex right off the top with bondage. Well, that’s incorrect. It happens slowly and you both get comfortable in your roles.